CREATION | spring 2019

△ is an interdisciplinary work that will explore the essence of a love triangle, or a love triad, as a relationship structure.
In an extended experimental process, three artists grow together and create an artistic-personal relationship in the form of a triangle. There are no boundaries, just the wish to explore together how deep care and connection can go on an artistic and personal level, which may also encompass the romantic and the sexual. Inspired by a series of interviews with people who live in romantic triads, they experiment themselves as a trio – as much in daily life as in the studio.
For the performance, the audience is invited to observe and experience the dynamics and possibilities of this relationship. Using movement, words and music, the artists share their insights and reflections, and invite the audience to participate in a discussion. What if we could live in a world of excessive care? Who could we be for one another?

by and with:
Daniel Hellmann, Layton Lachman, Anne Welenc

more informations & booking:
Florence Francisco | Les Productions de la Seine | T: +33 (0)6 16 74 65 42 |