La Fête du Slip

La Fête du Slip (literally "Panties Fest" or "Underpants Fest") is an annual interdisciplinary art festival held in Lausanne, Switzerland.
It takes places since 2012 and it present in various theatres, nightclubs, galleries and cinemas across Lausanne.

La Fête du Slip is a festival celebrating diversity in bodies, gender and sexuality. It offers a select and diverse program of cinema, music, visual and performing arts, literature, and porn. La Fête du Slip looks for contemporary emerging art. Its programming evolves around innovative and subversive works. Artistic projects transcending categories and proposing new forms of experimentation are favored.

Daniel Hellmann has curated the performing arts of La Fête du Slip from 2018-2021.

More infos on the festival website.

"Losing the form in darkness" by Rafał Pierzyński
Photo: Dawid Nickel