Home Opera

Home Opera made its debut in Berlin! Born from the Danish concept of «Stand-up Opera», which has been performed in Copenhagen since 2003, Home Opera has its roots in the world of opera and operetta, but it is presented completely differently. Home Opera is performed in private homes that have a piano, high ceilings, open minds and a little extra room for high notes!
The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate and cozy. Grab a cold drink from the kitchen and enjoy it in the soft armchair of your living room, surrounded by the sound of popular and rare opera repertoire, musical hits and other classics, performed by professional singers and musicians with a twist of irony and a spoonful of fun. Our vision is to create a musical experience that appeals to both novices and opera connoisseurs. Our concept is designed to take opera novices by the hand and opera connoisseurs by surprise!
The entertainers are professional singers and musicians, who have taken a night off from their busy schedules to perform, entertain and delight.


Oper zuhause in der guten Stube, SRF Tagesschau, 29.10.2013
Opernklänge im Wohnzimmer, Blick am Abend, 16.01.2014