A hand opens a curtain... skin... a figure...two..., another hand, another curtain... With THE_SPACE_BETWEEN, Daniel Hellmann and Theres Indermaur bring us into the shimmering twilight between imagination and reality.
THE_SPACE_BETWEEN is an interactive free zone for people who like to show themselves how they are and how they might be – clothed, naked, dancing, touching each other. A mobile cabinet where you can expose yourselve as it pleases you – in fragments, anonymously or in all your glory.
THE_SPACE_BETWEEN is a place for contemplation, awareness and enjoyment. A place where the concealed and the displayed elements nourish your fantasies.
With THE_SPACE_BETWEEN, we want to propose a space, where bodies, sensuality, physical pleasure and diversity are celebrated, beyond classical ideals of beauty and conventional pornographic representations.

An interactive performance installation

CONCEPT: Daniel Hellmann & Theres Indermaur
ASSISTANCE: Mélanie Boss
PERFORMERS: Daniel Hellmann, Pierre Jinsky, Krassen Krastev, Anna Olsen, Aga Pędziwiatr & surprise guests