Soya the cow

Soya is Daniel Hellmann’s gender- and species-bending alter ego. The dancing, singing and talking drag cow unites queerfeminist ideas with animal rights activism, high fashion and poetry. Since her debut at the Animal Right March in front of the legendary Volksbühne Berlin, she appeared in discussion forums and protests. She gives workshops about consent, and performs on stages of theatres and nightclubs, as well as in public space. At the moment she’s also working on her first music album.

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Concept / Performance: Daniel Hellmann
Music Production: Phil Constantin
Costumes / Mask: Nagi Gianni
Make-up: Valérie Reding & Tom Wennerstrand
Photographs: Brenda Alamilla, Ben Okamoto, Valérie Reding, Maya Rochat
Production Team: Lisa Letnansky, Lenja Lehnard, Maria Cardoso